Vuko Vukčević


University of Zagreb

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

Department of Energy, Power Engineering and Environment

Chair of Turbomachinery


CFD Interests

Coupled potential flow and CFD modelling for marine and off–shore applications, two–phase flow modelling, coupled solvers

PhD Thesis

Numerical modelling of coupled potential and viscous flow for marine applications, finished 2016

Development of an efficient and reliable numerical algorithm for arbitrary potential flow/CFD coupling based on:

  1. Spectral Wave Explicit Navier–Stokes Equations (SWENSE),
  2. Implicit relaxation zones,
  3. Finite Volume Method (FVM) with
  4. Embedded free surface approach (corrected interpolation schemes near the free surface accounting for jumps in discontinuous fields).

Implementation as a part of the Naval Hydro pack based on OpenFOAM software.

Supervisor: prof. Hrvoje Jasak