Prof. Jasak a keynote speaker at CoTech 2019

Prof. Jasak gave a keynote lecture at the CoTech conference 2019 at the University of Stavanger with the title Multi-scale simulation of extreme wave events.


CFD simulations of wave and current loading on off-shore objects may be the most reliable source of extreme structural loading on off-shore structures. Under such conditions, experimental methods suffer from scaling law limitations and full-scale data on actual loads are rarely, if ever, available. On the CFD modelling side, it is extremely hard to prescribe initial conditions that correspond to highest structural load, as they involve freak waves, non-linearity of the flow model, breaking waves, green water and potential structural response, such as springing and whipping of ships. The challenge in performing meaningful simulation of extreme loads requires a multi-scale approach. Here, the significant wave may be screened or manufactured based on the analysis of extreme condition. Once identified, the wave field needs to be reliably advected to the structure and ultimately its interaction with the structure needs to be captured. In this presentation, a multi-scale approach to extreme wave loads shall be presented, with the focus on computationally difficult aspects, such as green water and compressibility in wave impact. Practical simulations of extreme loads using OpenFOAM’s Naval Hydro Pack shall be shown as illustration of the methodology.

Find the slides here.