NUMAP-FOAM School 2008

08-19 September 2008


  • Holger Marschall, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany
    • Numerical simulation of multiphase flows in bubble columns using a hybrid multiphase-CFD approach in OpenFOAM
  • Peter Keller, TU Bergacademie Freiberg, Germany
    • ​Nozzle atomization of oil-argon system
  • Aleksander Grah, Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity Am Fallturm, D-28359 Bremen, Germany
    • ​Capillary liquid management in Space
  • Christoph Goniva, Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria
    • ​Reducing pressure drop and enhancing the efficiency of wet scrubbers
  • Takeshi Omori, Osaka University, Japan
    • ​Bubble front-tracking DNS
  • Zaki Saldi, Department of Multi Scale Physics, Delft University of Technology, Holland
    • ​Numerical Simulation of Laser Weld Pool
  • Joao Carneiro, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany
    • ​Development of a CFD-based Moments Model for non-isothermal Polydispersed Multiphase Flows
  • Damjan Vrencur, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • ​Ship on waves: ship resistance, sailing angle
  • Daniel Jarman, University of Exeter, UK
    • Free surface flow of flood water, combination with 1-D piping systems
  • Emir Sirbubalo, University of Darmstadt, Germany
    • Simulations of pure turbulent diffusion
  • Loris Padovan, Electrolux, Italy
    • ​Laminar mixed convection of humid air
  • Maria Garcia Camprubi, University of Zaragoza, Spain
    • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Modelling