NUMAP-FOAM Spring School 2016

04-15 April 2016


  • Jiatang Wang, Lund University, Sweden
    • Water Phase Change and Multiphase Transport Model in PEMFC
  • Yeongdo Park, POSTECH, Korea
    • Plasma assisted combustion modeling using OpenFOAM
  • Kwongwoo Jang, POSTECH, Korea
    • Development of MPPIC libraries and solvers in compressible reacting flow and their application in an industrial fluidized bed reactor
  • Ronald Oertel, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany
    • Development of a generalized multi-field two-fluid concept and its application for the simulation of flow regime transitions
  • Sam Hewitt, Uni Manchester, UK
    • Fluid Structure Interaction in Wind Turbines
  • Bernardas Jankauskas, Uni Exeter, UK
    • Struvite precipitation modelling with OpenFOAM
  • Michael Clancy, UCD Dublin, Ireland
    • Incorporation of Open-Source Crystal Plasticity software DAMASK into OpenFOAM
  • Alexander Nekris, French German Research Institute of Saint-Louis, France
    • Multi-species simulations of plasma discharges in NLTE state in gas flows
  • Matthias Rauter, University Innsbruck, Austria
    • Beyond dense flow avalanches
  • Dave Dickinson, University of Stuttgart, Germany
    • Simulation of the plastic deformation of contact pads during microelectronic testing
  • Maryam Baniasadi, University of Luxembourg
    • MultiphaseEulerFoam Solver in foam-extended
  • Damon Lee, Tribology Group, Imperial College London
    • Improved understanding of rolling bearing lubrication through application of CFD methods
  • Mario Klun, University of Zagreb
    • Flow simulation of an axial multi-stage partial admission turbine