NUMAP-FOAM Winter School 2014

24 February – 07 March 2014


  • Marcel Vonlanthen, ETH Zurich
    • Multiscale Interaction and Microclimate in urban configuration
  • Karl Meredith, FM Global
    • Detailed simulation of jet breakup
  • Alexander Vakrushev, University of Leoben
    • Simulation of the solidified shell deformation during continuous casting (CC) process
  • Anna Slotosch, Karlsruher Institute of Technology
    • Hemodynamics in the Human Heart
  • Kie Hian Chua, Lloyd’s Register Singapore
    • Hydrodynamic Interactions Between Adjacent Vessels During Side-by-Side Operations
  • Adam Johns, University of Leeds
    • Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling of Drill Coolant Flow
  • Alexander Monakov, ISPRAS
  • Ziad Boutanios, Binkz
    • Drifting snow simulations
  • Roberto Ribeiro, University of Minho