What NUMAP Alumni Say?

“Through the lectures in Zagreb lots of my vague theoretical knowledge was confirmed and improved. But the most thriving part of the NUMAP Summer School was the independent work on the projects. Sitting next to people with a large variety of technical backgrounds but still the same tool to work with was very inspiring. Getting to work with Prof. Jasak and Dr. Rusche was an honour and brought a lot of progress to my project. The two weeks were quite exhausting, but the collective dinner and weekend activities made sure the NUMAP Summer School was not work only.”

Lydia Schulze, Summer School 2013

PROJECT: Water engineering

“I was in the process of writing an Eulerian solver to simulate aeolian transport of solid particles based on OpenFOAM. Through lectures and one on one time with expert OpenFOAM developers, I was able to acquire a wealth of information about OpenFOAM that would have taken me several months on my own. The NUMAP-FOAM instructors made sure I had the required CFD technology and explained to me how to apply it. All in all, a very efficient use of time and resources, and a great opportunity for excellent networking.”

Ziad Boutanios, Winter School 2014

      PROJECT: Drifting snow simulations

“OpenFOAM computational library is a powerful and complex set of tools, with a steep learning curve. The possibility of working with the (really) skilled developers, focused in specific objectives, is the best approach to speed up any envisaged developments. Moreover, the interaction with other NUMAP attendees, working in different areas, is also a great way to enlarge one’s skills on OpenFOAM. In summary I would say that NUMAP School is the best way to increase significantly one’s rate of convergence to OpenFOAM knowledge.
P.S. I also keep very good memories from the trip done during the weekend…”

João Miguel Nóbrega, Summer School 2014

      PROJECT: Fractional viscoelasticity constitutive models

“NUMAP was the best experience I’ve had with OpenFOAM. Hrv Jasak and his team are expert at explaining the ins and outs of the code.  I was able to get a solid footing for my future research by attending for these two weeks.”

Karl Meredith, Winter School 2014

      PROJECT: Detailed simulation of jet breakup

“Talented instructors provided a lot of help just as I needed it.
You can take must-have lectures regarding to OpenFOAM every day.
There’s no doubt that you will enhance your OpenFOAM experience from the NUMAP-FOAM school.”

Geon-Hong Kim, Summer School 2014

      PROJECT: Air ventilation problem in ship hydrodynamics

“The workshop helped me improve my OpenFOAM skills and also allowed me to meet many people from around the world; people working in different fields and with whom I was able to share knowledge and experiences in using OpenFOAM and developing our own codes. Every lecture was very helpful as they were complete, well-structured talks chosen by the students according to their needs. Prof Jasak, Prof. Rusche and everyone at UniZag were really dedicated in helping students fulfill their objectives for the course. Apart from the course we had a great experience as a group. Zagreb is a very interesting city with lots of attractions. We had dinner together almost every day, went out some nights and even got to travel around a little since we rented a van and headed for Krk during the weekend.”

Francisco Barceló, Summer School 2015

      PROJECT: Modelling of oil-water separation

“I attended NUMAP School after using OF for only a couple of months. The project was dealing with solid mechanics, i.e., large strain plasticity, coupled with thermal effects. Luckily, there was prof. Zeljko Tukovic, who basically implemented things on the fly, which was top-level help. From an industry perspective: it saved months of development time and gave confidence to continue modelling solid mechanics in OF. Of course not to forget: Zagreb is a warm city, very friendly people and with unbelievable ice-cream bars…”

Peter De Jaeger, Summer School 2013

      PROJECT: Modeling flat wire rolling in OpenFOAM

“As someone who grew up writing own CFD codes as standard procedure, OpenFOAM is a beautiful accomplishment and CFD tool to work with.   Spending two weeks in a CFD retreat in sociable Zagreb with Professor Hrvoje Jasak and his team and expert participants from around the world will remain one of the privileges of my academic experience.  In fact Professor Jasak’s lectures on facets of the code and the thinking behind it were for me the highlight of the school.”

Prof. Thomas Harms, Summer School 2014

      PROJECT: Formulation of a weakly compressible two-fluid flow solver and the development of a compressive surface capturing scheme using the volume-of-fluid approach

“Prof. Jasak helped me to perfect the solver and fix the issues. He also offered us to look at navalFoam developed by him and his students. A very fast-paced and fun 2 weeks of attending lessons, consulting the instructors and collaborating with other students.”

Jeng Hei Chow, Summer School 2015

PROJECT: Development of a partitioned 6-DoF rigid body motion solver

“Due to very fortunate circumstances, I have had the great pleasure of participating in several NUMAP-FOAM schools. I can warmly recommend the NUMAP-FOAM *seasonPtr_ schools to any student or researcher working with OpenFOAM in science and engineering. They are a unique and outstanding opportunity to

1) get 1st class help with your particular project from the dedicated, competent and friendly team at FSB,

2) obtain deeper insight into the inner workings of OpenFOAM and CFD in general via the lectures provided by the skilled staff and talented students at FSB,

3) broaden your perspective on the usage of OpenFOAM and CFD/CCM by learning about the other participant’s projects,

4) have a great time with people from all over the world and experience the constructive and sharing atmosphere in a true open source environment.”

Johan Roenby, Summer School 2014

PROJECT: A Computational Method for Sharp Interface Advection

“What I liked most about the experience was a chance to work alongside several people, working on similar projects, all experiencing similar difficulties to me but with a positive attitude that helped me to feel I was not alone.  The Zagreb students were really helpful, in particular Vanja, Inno and Vuko.  The help from Zeljko and Hrvoje, in particular his lectures, were also invaluable.  I also enjoyed the time away from the office, going out for dinner every evening with some of the students, and the trip to the coast on the middle weekend is a really fond memory.”

Shenan Grossberg, Summer School 2015

PROJECT: Adjoint Shape Optimisation of Hydrodynamic Vortex Separators

“Thanks to discussions with Hrv, Zeljko and many others, I could find quickly elegant solutions to my problems, including handling multiple moving meshes in parallel. If I had been by myself, I would have needed months to come up with something! Last but not least, a great group atmosphere quickly developed and we had lots of fun in the evenings in Zagreb and during our weekend trip to the coast.”

Adrien Lücker, Summer School 2014

PROJECT: Oxygen transport from moving red blood cells

“First of all, you will be amazed by how you can possibly remember all the names of the participants in a few minutes. I am still remembered by all of you as a book in a suitcase. The key point of NUMAP is that the Zagreb team with full of professionals of OpenFOAM becomes the running mate of your challenging problem. Throughout the program, there were lectures and discussions that enlightened me to a completely different level of understanding OpenFOAM. It is a must-go place if you want to be a professional in OpenFOAM programming. Meeting participants from the every corner of the globe and becoming friends and colleagues with them is a huge bonus.”

Bok Jik Lee, Summer School 2015

PROJECT: Modeling of flame characteristics under DC/AC electric fields

“For me NUMAP-FOAM School turned out to be a springboard for learning the mysteries behind OpenFOAM. The well organized team of expertised and devoted teachers and students created a perfect working environment for fruitful discussions,
tailored lessons and coding. Besides all the challenging scientific work, there was still enough time to relax and to enjoy the beautiful city of Zagreb and the beaches of Croatia together with new friends from all over the world. I only wish I could have stayed longer.”

Pascal Beckstein, Summer School 2015

PROJECT: Magnetic control in ribbon growth on substrate of silicon wafers

“I experienced a professional supervision during the whole 14 days. The group found together quickly and proceeds working in a good spirit. It helped me a lot to revise my own problem by having input from PhD students with a very different background. A different level of programming skills within the group audited by the NUMAP team was enormously helpful. I really appreciate the special lectures given on top of that. On the whole, I got a much deeper insight into the FOAM programming philosophy as a foundation to solve my problem.”

Stefan Daum, Summer School 2015

PROJECT: Harmonic polynomial cell method with foam-extend